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The Village is thrilled to annouce we will be adopting an official Village flag!  The first step was asking for public input and everyone came through for us in a big way!

After a lengthy process of collecting feedback from our community, input from professional flag designers and multiple open discussions at Village Board meetings, we are down to three finalists for the official village flag design! And we’re looking for your help in determining the winner!

After collecting feedback by the community, it became clear that the flag should feature two important objects that represent the village best — a firebird and the river. We also wanted to make sure we created a design that follows the village’s color scheme (blue, white, and black) and that was distinguishable from the school district’s logo and colors. It's important to remember the school district firebird design and colors are their own and the Village flag should be designed so as to not be confused with that.

We would like to thank our community members for their feedback and support during this process! 

The following poll is completely anonymous! We’ll leave it active for the next few days as we collect your feedback. Take a look and help us choose our future village flag! As they say, it takes a village!