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Mayor & Board of Trustees

About the Department:

Brian Borchik Mayor

I moved to Phoenix in the summer of 2016 after falling in love with a house I looked at on the river. I was drawn to the area because of it being a river-side community. I have worked on and around the water since I was 17 years old in the boating and commercial fishing industry. One thing many people are always surprised to find out about me is that my college degree is Marine Biology!  
Upon moving into my house I was immediately welcomed by neighbors and could fell the closeness of the entire community. I started attending board meetings after speaking with a neighbor who sparked my interest in the political side of the village. 
I attended regular board meetings as a resident for about two years when I was asked to join the Village Planning Board. I served in that position for one year, followed by one year as a Trustee and now the Mayor. I'm extremely humbled by the outpouring of support from village residents in my path to this office.  
I'm very excited for the future of our community and the receipt of the $4.5 million dollar NY Forward Grant only adds to the possibilities of what we can, and will, accomplish together. My door is always open. I feel that constant communication between the board and residents is key and I will always encourage participation from all villagers in everything we do. 

Contact Village of Phoenix Mayor

Village of Phoenix Mayor:
Brian Borchik

(315) 491-4815


Village Trustees:

Ronald Hartner II Trustee / Deputy Mayor 

Jeffrey Koegel Trustee 

I have lived in this area my entire life. I currently own a home in the Village of Phoenix with my wife Cindy. We have been married for 35 years and have raised our 2 sons Kevin and Jeffrey here. Through the years I have volunteered and coached for community sports. I am a graduate of JCB and I am also employed at Phoenix Central School as Senior Grounds Worker and have been working there for 36 years. I was currently on the Planning Board for the Village of Phoenix from 2019 until present.  

On my free time I enjoy spending time at home with family and my 2 little granddaughters Rielle and Quinn. I also enjoy hunting, Nascar, and working around the house. 

Living in the Village of Phoenix has been one of the most positive experiences on my life. I enjoy the small-time atmosphere and the strong sense of community that the Villageof Phoenix offers to its residents. I am looking forward to serving my community and am grateful that I have been giving the chance to do so.

Any questions or concerns I can always be reached ar (315)243-2498 or you can email me at and most nice days you can always catch me on my front porch. 

Jennifer Maxam Trustee  

Steven McBurnie Trustee