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Phoenix, Village on the River

  Our Village lost a pillar of our community this weekend. Mr. Gordon Tappan, we thank you for all your generosity to our community, the countless hours of volunteering your time and the never ending involvement with so many organizations and events over the years. Your legacy will not go unnoticed or forgotten. Forever Rest in Peace.


Due to our unusually beautiful Fall weather and lack of falling leaves, our regularly advertised and scheduled loose leaf pick-up days have come and gone. We will be picking up loose leaves every Monday for the remainder of October. Please remember to place your loose leaves along the curb, not in the road, and especially not on or near any storm basins. Please keep them off the blacktop so rain does not wash them down the road. All leaves bagged in paper bags will continue to be picked up on our regular daily routes for as long as the weather permits. Plastic bags of leaves will NOT be picked up. Thank You  
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